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Integrate global high-quality green sleep resources

It has rubber planting and product research and development bases in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and other world high-quality latex producing areas



Established China Rubber Southeast Asia Latex Product R&D Center with Thailand Prince of Songkla University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, and Hainan University

Combine experts, professors and chief engineers of well-known latex companies in Malaysia and Thailand to form a technical service team


Start with the selection of rubber tree species genes

Participate in the whole process of planting-rubber picking-storage-transportation-processing and production-sales and other links

Ensure good product quality

Product advantages

Xishuangbanna An excellent natural rubber production base recognized by China and the world

4.75 million mu of natural rubber forest

The original natural environment is free from modern industrial pollution

Own rubber plantation, within 30KM from the processing plant

Natural rubber latex is fresh and directly harvested, no chemical fertilizers, pesticide residues, and no preservatives